Mission Statement

Lakeland Xpress basketball is a Christian youth mentoring program that uses basketball as a vehicle of instruction and influence. It is our mission to provide a positive, constructive atmosphere for young boys while engaging in organized athletic competition.

Last year, the teams of Lakeland Xpress were made up of young boys ranging in ages from eleven to sixteen, representing grade levels 7th, 8th and 9th.  That being our inaugural season, the boys had the opportunity to participate in tournaments hosted by Florida YBOA and USSSA athletic associations.  This year we are expanding to grade levels 6th through 12th.  For this endeavor, the entire organization has been working to raise funds that will allow us to train and participate in tournaments.  It is our goal as an organization to not just participate, but be competitive at the state level.  Since our program is comparatively new, we rely heavily on corporate sponsorships and individual donations.  We would be grateful if you would partner with us and contribute financially to our endeavor.  I assure you that this arrangement would be mutually beneficial for both parties involved.  If you would like to contribute to the mission of the vision, please contact us for donation options and information.